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Artmonía Café
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A special coffee for us with which we want to produce different editions as a collection that tell a story of quality and truth.

In the 2020 edition We present two jewels of extraordinary quality and at the same time very different from each other:

On the one hand a grain Colombian Rosé Bourbon. A real rarity difficult to find, a coffee that arises from the combination of a Red Bourbon with a Yellow Bourbon. Another great coffee that makes up our 2020 edition is the Costa Rica Tarrazú Black Honey. There are several types of processed Honey, the most complex, delicate and expensive is the Black honey, in which the mucilage is kept more humid around the grain; It is a long process that is carried out in the shade and with the grains covered or covered. The result is a sweeter coffee, with more body and intensity, with hints of ripe fruit.

The blend resulting from the mixture of both coffees, is what can be known as pairing "by contrast" (the opposite of "by affinity"). These are two excellent and very different types of grain, resulting in a unique and "explosive" mix of two totally different worlds.